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Aleem Rehmtulla
Aleem Rehmtulla

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Hey! My name is Aleem Rehmtulla. I'm an innovator with TKS, a founding member at BitcloutIQ, and full stack developer! I'm always trying to learn & grow :)

Over the past year I have become familiar with Artifical Intelligence and Full Stack Development, this is combined with my 5 year experience in blockchain 😎

In a short time, I have become well versed in all areas of development.

Over the years. throughout passion projects and contract work, I have become talented with multiple technologies. I tend towards software (MERN, Python, Etc) but also play around with some hardware occasionally! I'm always eager to apply what I've learned to impact others, which is why I'm currently going deep in AI. By leveraging emerging technologies it's bound to create a positive effect in the world :)

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